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T3 Index is a research driven financial indexing firm. We specialize in volatility and option benchmarking and are dedicated to developing investible, proprietary indexes that track related strategies across a range of asset classes. These powerful tools can help transform the way you invest and manage your risk.

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YLDVOL Volatility Index

An index of USD interest rate volatility

T3 Index is pleased to introduce “’YLDVOL”, (pronounced Yield-Vol), which is a tradable measure of USD interest rate volatility.

The Index represents a measure of the 1-month expected annualized movement in the 10 year yield of the USD.

With the highest level of interest rate volatility in decades, the launch of this index is a timely addition to the tool set available to investors to either mitigate or assume interest rate risk.

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One of the fastest, most efficient trading platforms in the world, offering complex trading and price improvement auctions with industry-leading risk control features.

Volatility, Reimagined.

SPIKES®️ Futures (SPK)
Offered by MGEX via the CME GLOBEX®️ platform. Trade 23 hours a day, 5 days per week with highly accurate data and peak transparency. > Learn more

Trade SPIKES Futures with ZERO exchange fees! For a limited time only. For more information see our SPIKES Futures Incentive Program and Fee Free Trading Overview > here

SPIKES®️ Options (SPIKE)
Trading on MIAX. Give your portfolio an edge with 100% electronic execution that offers lower latency and higher throughput. MIAX® is offering an incentive program for market makers that are members of the exchange. This is an extension of the previous program for SPIKES Options and contains two reward pools. > Learn more

SPIKES®️ Volatility Index
Measures the expected 30-day volatility in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), one of the most actively traded securities in the world.  > See chart

T3I DeFi Indexes

We are excited to launch our own chainlink nodes on the BitVol and EthVol volatility Indexes. Chainlink is the industry-leading secure blockchain middleware, enabling existing APIs to become easily compatible across leading blockchains.


The YLDVOL (Yield Volatility) Indexes are a measure of expected annualized movement in the yield of the EURO and USD


The Crypto-X Power Index serves to represent a value of investment in a portfolio of top 10 cryptocurrencies, rebalanced monthly by their respective market capitalization ranks.


The BitVol Index measures the expected 30-day implied volatility derived from tradable Bitcoin option prices

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T3 Index to Launch a Chainlink Node

We are excited to launch our own chainlink nodes on the BitVol and EthVol volatility Indices. Chainlink is the industry-leading secure blockchain middleware, enabling existing APIs to become easily compatible

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MIAX Reports Record SPIKES Futures Trading on MGEX

MIAX®, creator and operator of high-performance securities exchanges, products and services, today announced average daily volume for SPIKES® Futures in July, 2021 reached 1,596 contracts, a new monthly record.

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More Leveraged Volatility ETFs Are Coming!

ConvexityShares files for a pair of volatility-linked ETFs, including one that essentially mimics UVXY.

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Crypto Complex Left Reeling as Bitcoin’s VIX Blasts Past 110

Bitcoin’s plunge below $40,000 is sending shock waves across the booming world of crypto derivatives.

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Volatility Measurement and Volatility Trading Advances Are Here

In the past, investors had no alternative to VIX options and futures for managing volatility exposures as measured by VIX levels. This was the case despite certain flaws that were

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A VIX-Like Gauge for Bitcoin Sees Its First-Ever Options Trade

Crypto investors “will now be able to trade volatility as a distinct asset class,” said Simon Ho, the chief executive officer of T3Index.

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LedgerX to launch CFTC-regulated crypto derivatives exchange

Cryptocurrency futures and options exchange LedgerX has announced that it will launch digital currency perpetuals powered by Brave New Coin.

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Futures Now Trading on the SPIKES Volatility Index

Princeton, NJ and Minneapolis, MN — December 15, 2020 — Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC (MIAX®) and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) today announce that a successful first day of

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MIAX and MGEX Announce SPIKES Futures Dec 14 Relaunch

PRINCETON, NJ and MINNEAPOLIS, MN — December 10, 2020 — Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC (MIAX®) and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) today announce the planned December 14 relaunch of

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SPIKES Versus VIX: How to Take Advantage of the Differences

Jay Soloff (Investors Alley) - So how can SPIKES compete against the 500-pound VIX gorilla? In order to attract customers, SPIKES offers significantly lower fees than VIX. SPY also tends

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Akuna Capital, T3 Index to Launch ‘Bit Vol’ Volatility Index

Bit Vol Index Measures the Expected 30-day Implied Volatility Derived from Tradable Bitcoin Option Prices CHICAGO & SYDNEY- Akuna Capital and T3 Index (T3) today announced the launch of ‘Bit

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An Easy Way To Go Long Volatility Using The SPIKES Index

Jay Soloff (Investors Alley) -It’s always fascinating to watch how the market reacts to changes in volatility. It seems like the crowd is always waiting for the other shoe to

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MIAX Exchange launches VIX competitor

Bailey McCann (Opalesque New York) - A new competitor to the VIX launched today on the MIAX Options Exchange. The competitor - SPIKES - was created by T3 Index, an

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Is There Finally a Cheaper Alternative to the VIX?

Jay Soloff (Investors Alley) - When it comes to trading volatility, The VIX has long held the crown as the most viable product on the market. Products based on the

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Volatility Views: Talking VIX, Spikes, VXXB, Earnings Volatility and More

Host of Volatility Views podcast Mark Longo talks with Mark Sebastian from Option Pit about SPIKES and all things volatility.

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Simon Ho talks to Bloomberg Businessweek about SPIKES Index

Carol Massar and Jason Kelly talk to Simon Ho, Executive Director at T3 Index about the SPIKES Index as an alternative to the VIX - Bloomberg Businessweek podcast (go to

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VIX Copycat Tries to Break Monopoly on Volatility Products

Wall Street’s wildly popular fear gauge the VIX may finally get some real competition. MIAX Options plans to debut options on a VIX copycat, the SPIKES Index, in an attempt

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Volatility Trading to Launch on SPIKES Index

MIAX Options Exchange Begins Trading February 19, Opening Volatility Market to Competition for First Time in History.

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How the search for yield has made the stock market riskier than it needs to be

February 5 was a day that took global stock markets by surprise. The prospect of more rises in US interest rates was always going to hurt markets, and the sell-off

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Is SPIKES the Next Big Thing in Volatility?

By Mark Longo: Shelly Brown, EVP at MIAX discusses the SPIKES index with The Options Insider.

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MIAX Options Begins Publishing SPIKES Volatility Index on OPRA

MIAX Options® today announced that it has begun publishing the SPIKES™ Volatility Index (Ticker: SPIKE), following a successful launch of the Index. Transmission of the underlying Index value is being

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MIAX Options and T3 Index to Launch SPIKES Volatility Index

MIAX Options® and T3 Index today announced that the SPIKES™ index (Ticker: SPIKE) will be launched on MIAX Options in April 2018

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T3 Index Unveils EM FX Index

Investors looking for exposure to emerging markets FX have limited options, with most EM indices offering exposure (currency hedged or otherwise) to local equity and bond markets.

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NYSE launches Australia developed index

Australian investment company Triple 3 has signed a deal with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for the launch of a new smart beta index, which gives investors access to

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NYSE Launches Enhanced BUY-WRITE Index, “NYBW”

Developed in association with T3 Index, a research-driven financial indexing firm specializing in volatility and options benchmarking, the NYSE Enhanced Buy-Write Index is published on the NYSE Global Index Feed

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YLDVOL – Better Fixed Income Volatility Index

T3Index have developed an alternative index YLDVOL (Bloomberg ticker YLDVUST) that is supposed to better represent hedging and speculation needs of fixed income traders.

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T3Index publishes YLDVOL™ Interest Rate Volatility indices via Bloomberg

T3Index will begin disseminating its proprietary global bond indices which track the volatility of the 10 year US Treasury Note and the 10 year German Bund via Bloomberg (Tickers: YLDVUST

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Aussie hedge fund’s global bond market fear gauge arrives just in time

Triple3's YLDVOL​ index is the first ever measure of European bond volatility that is tied to options on German bond futures.

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Triple3 brings volatility trading to bonds

The launch of the index, YLDVOL, will allow institutional investors to trade volatility as if it was an asset class, much in the same way investors can trade the volatility

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