The YLDVOL (Yield Volatility) Indices are a measure of expected annualized movement in the 10 year yield of the USD and EURO


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Our YLDVOL® index (short for ‘Yield Volatility’) represents the constant 1-month maturity implied normal 10 year yield volatility, expressed in annualized basis-points terms. The index is highly intuitive, simple for investors to relate to, and accords with the nomenclature of the rates market.

YLDVOL® represents the amount of expected movement in the yield over the coming year, implied from 1M10Y swaption price. For example, an index value of 80 points roughly translates to the expected movement in the ten year yield of +/- 80 basis points from its present level over the coming year (an option’s implied 68% confidence interval – or 1 standard deviation). YLDVOL® was designed after extensive consultation with industry practitioners to ensure that it accurately reflects the specific requirements of the interest rate market.

Our proprietary methodology embodies the characteristics of volatility that make it such an attractive investment proposition for investors, but importantly it accords with the manner in which interest rate traders are used to viewing their risks and matches the characteristics of their exposures.